Roll the dice and win big with Stake Casino Dice


Take a chance and see what prizes you can win when you play Stake Korea’s casino dice game. It has all the qualities a standard casino dice game would have, including a wide betting limit and potential profit display in a neat and intuitive design.


In addition, this game is played with cryptocurrency. It means that you could win big crypto payouts when you win!


Similar to many gamblers on the platform, I love that you can quickly use your crypto to bet on the game. Talk about convenience!


You can win big in Stake Casino dice when you play the game. Learn why so many gamblers on the platform love this Stake Casino original dice game by reading ahead.

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The basics: What are casino dice games?


Dice games are a specific type of casino game involving dice instead of popular alternatives like cards for poker or a wheel for roulette. 

In this case, we’ll focus on the Stake casino dice game played on a virtual die with 100 sides. This die is set as a slider with a red and green side. Your goal is to bet on a number that falls under the green side of the slider. 

The rules and gameplay are simple: move the slider to your preferred ‘roll over’ number, place your bet and earn a payout with the correct prediction. Should your bet end in a success, you’ll win a payout corresponding to the multiplier value to the left of the roll-over section of the game.


There are dice games with a ‘roll under’ system, which works opposite to the ‘roll over’ method.


If you’re interested in playing other dice games, double-check the rules it uses.


Features of the Stake Original Dice Game

Now let’s look at some game features and what makes it shine. Read about its roll over system, manual and auto betting settings and user interface here.

Roll over system

Stake original dice game observes a ‘roll over’ system. You place the slider where you think the dice will have a value above your chosen numbers. For example, say your chosen number is 35. Your bet succeeds if it lands on any number above 35, like 43, 76, 88 and so on.

Manual and auto settings

There are two ways to bet in this game: the manual and auto bet settings.


In Manual mode, you must enter your wager amount and press the ‘bet’ button to start the round. This system offers a slower and more thoughtful way to play, as players choose their bet amount and roll over the number each round.


On the other hand, the auto setting allows you to set parameters like the bet amount, number of bets to make and when it should stop playing on auto. This quick and easy system is perfect for gamblers who enjoy the thrill of quick-paced games and those who want to play the game with minimal fuss.


I tend to play dice games conservatively, so I prefer manually changing my bets each round. It’s also good when I have a tighter bankroll because it makes me more aware of how much I’m spending.


Sleek and simple user interface

A great thing about Stake’s dice game is that the game page is straightforward. Bet settings are on the left side of the game, while the dice slider and roll-over settings are on the right.

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Benefits of Playing Stake Original Dice Game

With the features of the game covered, we can move on to why you should be playing the Stake original dice game. See the benefits of this fun game below:

Play a thrilling game of dice wherever you are

Online casino dice games provide unparalleled convenience due to their accessible reach. This enables you to enjoy the excitement of gambling from the comfort of your home any time you want.

A big highlight of Stake original casino dice is that you won’t have to drive to a physical casino to access it. You can use your mobile device or laptop to sign in to your account and start playing. This is the level of accessibility and convenience that online gaming platforms like Stake have to offer players like you.

Lots of promotions and bonuses can be applied

To keep new and existing players hooked on the platform, good online casinos like Stake often launch new promotions and incentives. 

The website's promotions page is quickly updated with new promotions and bonuses, making it an excellent place to check for newly announced deals. By frequently checking for these lucrative promos, you stand a better chance of opting in for limited events and being among the first to claim bonuses.

When you become a member and play at Stake, you get access to enticing bonuses and promotions. These offerings include welcome bonuses, cashback, loyalty rewards and even VIP status which gives you the potential to change the way you play on the platform.


Promos like cashback are among my favourites because they give me back a set amount from a lost wager. I could use this money to place another wager without risking my existing funds.

Key game information is readily available


Upon opening the game, you’ll find the ‘profit on win’ display to the left, while the multiplier value and the win chance can be seen on the right side of the screen.

These display vital information that can change how you bet, from the amount you place to whether you should play a few more rounds. For example, you may opt for a relatively safer bet if you have a tighter budget. As such, you should bet on a number with a relatively good win chance. 

In addition, other details of the game, like its house edge, multipliers and RTP can be seen in its description, which is underneath the game.

Wide betting limits

Stake understands that it caters to a wide variety of gamblers, including high rollers, conservative bettors, long-time players, and even newbies. 

With this in mind, we offer our Stake dice game with wide betting limits so you can bet as much or as little as you want. You could bet smaller to prolong your gambling sessions or bet big to fully embrace the game's thrill. 

All of this is to say that you can tailor your bets to how you want to play, your gambling goals and the experience you want.

Casino Dice Game Betting Strategy

Having a betting strategy can help you achieve the type of gambling experience you want. These methods will also maximise various parts of your gameplay. Keep reading this section for our recommended dice game betting strategies:

Martingale method

The Martingale strategy is simple because it requires double your bet after every loss. This strategy falls under the ‘negative progression’ family of betting strategies, as it asks you to change your bet on a loss instead of a win.

It’s best used by gamblers who have a healthy bankroll and for those who enjoy the thrill of gambling. If you’ve encountered a losing streak while using this strategy, you could easily recoup all the losses after one successful bet. Though it can be risky, the potential payoff is immense.


I seldom use the Martingale strategy, but I do when I’ve built up a lot of gambling funds. There’s no better feeling than recovering all of my losses in one round.


I know that feeling, and it’s also one of the reasons why I have considered using this strategy from time to time.


Paroli method

The Paroli approach is a positive progression strategy that builds on your winning streaks. This strategy allows you to gradually increase your winnings based on your initial bet and the length of your winning streak.

This method involves putting an initial wager and increasing it following successive wins. Resetting your wager will only occur after three consecutive wins or when you encounter a loss. At that point, wish the odds are on your side, and you get another win streak for more rewards.

Fibonacci method

The Fibonacci betting strategy has a more concrete structure. You’ll need to follow a sequence of numbers and move around the numbers based on the results of your bet.

To start, let’s look at the sequence of the numbers, which are the following:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.

As we can see, the numbers to the left are smaller and gradually increase as they move to the right. During a loss, you’ll need to increase your bet or, in this case, move up the sequence. Conversely, you’ll move two positions down when you win a wager.

Though the Fibonacci sequence has a set of numbers, you can always assign values to it to customise the method.


Honestly, I’m a fan of the Fibonacci method, and I use it often because it gives structure to my betting habits.

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Handy tips and tricks for dice games

In addition to learning about betting strategies, tips and tricks can help you get far when playing games. Read about our tips for punters below:

Practising good bankroll management

The mark of a well-balanced gambler is their ability to maintain discipline with their gambling habits, particularly their bankroll. This means not letting the adrenaline of a game or a string of losses overly affect the health of your gambling budget.

To avoid overbetting or risking an unhealthy bankroll, create a gaming budget and stick to it. A good first step is to set an effective bankroll strategy or goal that accounts for what you want from gambling. Next, start setting a gambling budget plan and stick to it. 

Understand the odds of the dice game

Understanding how the roll over amount affects your odds is important for making effective betting decisions when playing dice games. A key thing to remember about dice games is that: the rarer the outcome, the bigger the potential reward. 

For example, in the Stake dice game, if you set the rollover bets to 90, you’ll have a low win chance of 10%. Conversely, the win multiplier for this is high, at 9.9x. 

You’ll need to balance these odds with how much you're willing to win and lose to make good betting calls. 

Play original Dice game at Stake Casino

With all the necessary information about Stake’s original casino dice game at your palms, all you need now is an account and funds. Learn how you can register an account, deposit cryptocurrency and play for real money with the guide below.

Creating an account on Stake

To deposit money, you must first register an account on the platform. To create your Stake account, follow the step-by-step guide below.


Find the blue 'sign-up' button in the page's upper right corner and click on it.


Enter the necessary information, such as username, email address, password, and date of birth.


After entering all the required details, click 'proceed.' This will take you to the website's terms and conditions page, where you must check the box to acknowledge that you have read and understand the information.

Now you will have a basic stake account. Submit all the necessary documents to complete the KYC procedure and verify your identity.

You will have a fully validated Stake account once everything is done.

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Depositing funds into your wallet

Your cash should now be reflected in your account. Check your account to see that the transfer was successful.

Use your registered Stake account to locate and click the 'wallet' button on the page's top bar.


The deposit page will shortly open and show the available payment options. In this case, we'll be employing cryptocurrency. Select your preferred crypto from the list.


Scan the QR code with your cryptocurrency wallet and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Alternatively, you can copy the wallet address provided by Stake and deposit it directly into your cryptocurrency wallet.

Playing dice games on Stake

With a Stake account and funds to spend, you can now start browsing the platform’s extensive library of games, specifically the Stake casino dice game. See how you can browse our collection of games and start playing today!


Log into your Stake account by clicking the log-in button on the top right.


After you’ve signed in, check the left side of the page and find the casino button. Under the casino page, you’ll find game categories like slots, live casino, game show and more.


Find the Stake Originals page and click on it.


Browse the page until you find the Stake Originals Dice game. Click on it and start playing to your heart’s content.


Enjoy a thrilling dice experience at Stake!

Dice games are some of the most straightforward casino games available, making them a staple offering at casinos like Stake. The platform’s home to a wide variety of games like dice, lots of bonuses and promotions to join and even a rewarding VIP Club where you can enjoy exclusive bonuses. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play for big payouts with this easy-to-play game. Join Stake and enjoy betting on Dice today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play games for free at Stake?

Stake has a demo mode that you can use on select games. To see if you can play the game for free, click on your desired game and look below the game screen for the ‘fun play’ version. 

What games are available at Stake?

Stake is home to all sorts of games, such as slots, crash games, and table games. You can also find games like live dealer tables, slots, and game shows.

Are dice games of skill or luck?

Dice is a game of luck and requires no skill. As such, any gambler, regardless of skill level, can enjoy the game.

What betting strategies can I use for games like dice?

Betting strategies like the Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, D’Alembert and Labouchere are popularly used for games of luck like dice and roulette.

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