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Gamble your way to big fortunes while avoiding dangerous mines when you play BGaming’s Minesweeper game. A fun, unique and popular casino game among casino fans, you’ll have a great time gambling and playing this at the best crypto casino.

If you want to learn how to play Minesweeper online at Stake Casino, keep reading!

What is Minesweeper game?

Minesweeper gambling is a classic game of chance where you guess which cells on a grid don’t have mines. Picking correctly gets you a prize while landing on a mine costs all your winnings.

In Bgaming’s Minesweeper, several mines are scattered and hidden randomly on a grassy field. Your goal is to uncover all the spaces on the grid without landing on a bomb. If you click on a panel with a mine underneath, then it’s game over.

Bombs for this game are scattered by a random number generator (RNG) to ensure that all players have equal chances of winning. With all this in mind, playing Minesweeper casino game is a thrilling, hair-raising experience that rewards as much as it entertains.

Stake Casino: Your best option to play Minesweeper online

Gone are the days when you can only play Minesweeper offline with no reward other than satisfaction. Now, you can play Minesweeper online and win prizes. 

With the version from industry-leading game provider Bgaming, you can choose between ‘fun play and ‘real play’. So whether you're in it for the thrill or the win, you can play this exciting casual game.

Play Stake Minesweeper game and win real cryptocurrency rewards at Stake Casino, the best online bookmaker casino.

Minesweeper Rules: What to know before playing

Stake Minesweeper game is a simple online gambling game that features a standard 5-column and 12-row grid. Its rules are simple: find safe spots around the field of grass blocks and avoid any bombs that may be lurking about. 

To start playing, set your bet from $1 to $1,000. Then, change the grid size in the settings according to your risk appetite. You can choose from 2x3, 3x6, 4x9 and 6x15. Regardless of the grid size, only one mine will appear per row. 

Adjusting the grid size affects your risk level and prize size. The more columns, the lower the risk and the multiplier value and vice versa. On the other hand, the more rows, the bigger the maximum prize and the longer you can play.

This plays an important part in creating a Minesweeper game strategy. A good rule of thumb for this type of game is that the more space you have, the higher your chances of winning per step. This makes the 6x15 grid the game setting with the highest chance of winning per step.

Check out the range of payouts you can get per grid size below:

Grid sizeMin. multiplierMax. multiplier

Once you’re all set, you can now get to the actual gameplay and start winning. 

How to play casino Minesweeper at Stake Casino?

It’s time to play and win in Stake Minesweeper! But before that, you have to create an account and become an official Stake Casino player. Just register, deposit and you’re ready to wager. 

Once that’s all done, follow the steps below to play Mines game and learn how to win the game with the right betting Minesweeper game strategy.

  1. Set your bet and grid size

Adjust your bet from a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $1,000. Next, change the grid size based on your preference from 2x3 to 6x15.

  1. Start the game 

Once you’re ready to play Minesweeper gambling game, press ‘Start’ and choose a block from the highlighted row. 

If you land on a mine, you lose and the round ends. If you land successfully, you win the row’s multiplier. You can either collect your winnings and start a new round, or move on to the next row with a bigger multiplier and choose again.

  1. Collect your winnings and play again

If you’re okay with your winnings, collect them to end the round and begin a new one. The game also ends when you land on a mine or reach the last row.

How to bet on Minesweeper game at Stake Casino

To bet at Bgaming Minesweeper, you only need to deposit funds into your account. Choose from many payment methods available at Stake Casino. You can deposit crypto from your digital wallet or buy using MoonPay. You won’t have to go to another site to complete a crypto transaction.

Then, you can choose which currency you want to bet with on Minesweeper. Pick from all available options such as EUR and USD.

Regardless of your betting method, all your real money prizes will be added to your bankroll. You won’t have to keep depositing to continue playing. You can then withdraw your winnings from your Stake Casino account to your crypto wallet.

Now that you know about the facts of the game and how to play it, it’s time to learn how you can bet money on this Minesweeper game and win real money prizes. 

How to win with Minesweeper game strategy

Using a betting method is a good way to control how you bet on a game, especially on a skill game like Minesweeper. There are different types of betting methods to learn that can best fit how you gamble as a player, whether you’re a high roller or a conservative player.

  1. Use the Martingale betting method

The Martingale method is a high-risk, high-reward betting technique that will benefit gamblers with a large bankroll the most. With this betting method, you double your initial wager and return to your initial wager when you win. 

This is ideal to use when you’re on a losing streak since you recover your losses once you win. However, the payout is low.

  1. Use the D’Alembert betting method

If the Martingale system doesn’t fit your playstyle, you can try the D'Alembert method. This is a less risky betting strategy where you increase your wager when you lose and lower it when you win.

When using this strategy, you stake an increment higher when you lose and an increment lower when you win. This approach is more controllable than the Martingale since the increments are not doubled right away.

Feel the rush of winning big when you play Minesweeper

If you're looking for a short and sweet game, look no further than Bgaming’s crypto mining game, Minesweeper.

It’s the perfect game for different playstyles, whether you’re looking for a thrilling high-stakes game or a more relaxed gaming experience. Reconfigure the game's settings to your liking to make the most of your time here at Stake Casino.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of winning Minesweeper?

Your chances of winning Stake Minesweeper game depend on your selected grid size since it determines the space available for the mines. The bigger the grid, the better your chances of landing successfully. This makes the 6x15 grid the game setting with the best winning odds.

Is Minesweeper luck or strategy?

Minesweeper is a casual game as the mines are randomly placed. However, there are settings you can adjust to your playstyle and betting strategies you can use to manage your bankroll for efficient playing.

What is the minimum bet for the Minesweeper game at Stake Casino?

The minimum bet you can place for this game is $1 while the maximum bet is $1,000.