Virtual sports 101: What you need to know

Virtual sports is a betting game that runs on simulation and Random Number Generator (RNG) software like casino games. It offers sports fans like you a platform where you can wager on your favourite sports, teams, and players whenever you want.

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Virtual sports in Korea

The virtual sports market in Korea is not as large as the European one. However, there is a lot of room for growth since virtual sports provide opportunities for the average Korean bettor to wager on a virtual sports event any time of the day.

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports is a type of betting game you can find at online casinos that mimics a real-life sports event. However, compared to most popular sports betting events, virtual sports have their results drawn through RNG.

Additionally, as simulation sports, these games provide HD graphics to show the results. This allows you to become immersed in the virtual sports you’re playing, regardless of whether it features real sports teams or not.

Types of virtual sports

A wide variety of virtual sports games take place in a high graphics virtual reality environment. The most popular ones that every game provider makes are:

Virtual football

Using sophisticated AI software, you can now bet on your favourite football teams in virtual games. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. To start, you need to place your wagers during the allotted time, with options similar to real sports betting. 
  2. Once the time is up, the game commences with excerpts of AI-generated snippets of the game.

As you watch, you witness the game's outcome as the virtual teams play against each other. This type of game fully immerses you and allows you to enjoy your favourite sports event in the off-season.  

Virtual basketball

Another popular sports game across the globe is basketball. Though the typical basketball season lasts nine months, virtual basketball allows you to wager on your favourite teams even before or after the season ends. 

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Select which basketball events you want to wager on based on the list. 
  2. Then place your wagers as you would in typical basketball sports betting. 
  3. Afterwards, watch the virtual game commence and see whether your team of choice is winning or losing.

Virtual Tennis

Tennis is another popular virtual sports game. Similar to the previously mentioned games, Virtual Tennis works the same way. However, instead of voting on teams, you wager on popular tennis players worldwide. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. At the start of the game, you can choose which matches you want to wager on. 
  2. Once you’ve decided, place your wagers on whom you think will win. 
  3. After all these steps are taken, the game commences to depict the match and show which player is performing well.

Horse racing

Last on the list of popular virtual sports games is horse racing. Like a typical horse racing event, you start your wager by filling your bet slip with the horse you think will win. Once you’ve submitted your bet slip, the game commences, and the horses start racing.

During this, you get snippets of the race with a highlight on your chosen horse and how it’s performing. After the clips are shown, you get a list of winners during the round and the ranking of the top 10 horses. 

How do virtual sports work?

Although there are various types of virtual sports for you to wager on, the process remains largely the same. We’ve outlined the steps below on how you can play casino virtual sports:

  1. Choose a player or team event

The first step in virtual sports is deciding on your choice of event. Once you’ve found it, select which game to watch. The process may vary depending on whether the game you want to wager on is team-based or solo-based.

  1. Fill up your bet slip

Once you’ve selected the event you want to bet on, you are given time to place your wager. Fill out your bet slip by providing the name of the virtual team or players you’re wagering on and the amount you want to bet. 

  1. Place your bet

You should always double-check the information on your bet slip to ensure your wagers are correct. Once you’ve confirmed the details, you can now place your bet to start the virtual match.

  1. Watch the gameplay

Thanks to advanced technology that powers virtual reality, the virtual sports event you’re wagering on produces HD graphics that depict the results of the game in real-time. However, although the graphics may seem realistic, these are generated through virtual reality using an algorithm and RNG software.

Where to participate in virtual sports betting

Virtual sports is a betting game that isn’t as widespread as other betting options. However, if you want to play one, the best way is to find a reliable bookmaker that offers them.

After deciding on the platform to use, take note of the payment method options before you register. Additionally, check the betting odds available and study them to properly manage your bankroll.

The best virtual sports features

When you play virtual sports, some impressive features you can expect include the following:

  1. Live streaming 

The game previews are realistic and mimic the live-streaming feed of regular sports events. This adds to the immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re wagering on real sports events.

  1. Convenient and accessible

Since virtual sports don’t depend on physical events to take place, it’s a betting option that’s more widely accessible to sports fans. Additionally, since most virtual sports events are fast-paced and typically last only for a few minutes, it’s more convenient to play without having to wait hours for the results.

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Virtual sports is one of the latest betting game categories that will take the iGaming industry by storm. Through it, you can enjoy betting on all your favourite sports anytime you want.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I access virtual sports on mobile devices?

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that the best way to access them is by playing them on a platform that supports mobile gaming.

How often do virtual sports events take place?

Virtual sports events occur non-stop, and each round typically lasts a few minutes. You can bet on as many virtual sports events as you want as long as you have enough funds to wager with.

Are virtual sports betting odds similar to real sports betting odds?

Yes. The betting odds on virtual sports are similar to real sports betting events. The only difference is that the results of virtual sports games are generated through RNG.